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     Welcome to my world!
I'm Vali, an artist in love with ceramics, illustrations and stories.
 With the much appreciated help of my husband, Cristian, all my ideas and dreams take shape in our home studio in Curtea de Arges, Romania.
Whether it's nature, people, feelings or unique ways of seeing things, I materialize them all with the help of porcelain and illustration.
The porcelain is created entirely by hand, using traditional techniques, each piece being painted with high temperature ceramic pigments and accents of gold or colloidal platinum.
I admit that I give special importance to details, otherwise I could not be. This is how I am.
I sincerely confess that I put a bit of my soul in each piece and I let my imagination fly to the person it will reach and to its first reaction, to its first impression.
 I create all these things with the intention of bringing that sparkle of joy in people's eyes and souls, that sincere smile and also to remind everyone of all the beautiful and positive things in our lives.